Top # 100+ Happy Valentines Day 2018 Quotes For GF / BF / Wife & Husband

Valentines Day 20187 Quotes For Girlfriend, Boyfriend, Husband & Wife: Hi buddies. Good Morning. So are you looking for the best Happy Valentines Day 2018 Quotes? if yes then you landed to the right place. In this post, We will share the Top 100+ Quotes for Valentine’s Day 2018 which is selected by us. We Welcome you to our blog. Our FestWish Team Wishing you a Very Happy Valentine’s Day 2018 to all readers. You can send it to your best friends, girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, husband and crush on 14th February 2018 via WhatsApp & Facebook.

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Simple words become quotes when they are put in a different and unique way one after the other. These simple words become quotes and also become famous if they are said by prominent personalities of the society. So what is the importance of quotes? Well, to make something understand clearly or effectively, there is nothing better than doing it with the help of quotes.

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Top # 100+ Happy Valentines Day 2018 Quotes

Happy Valentines Day 2018 Quotes
Happy Valentines Day 2018 Quotes

It doesn’t matter if it’s speech or just a simple conversation, quotes have always been effective! Understanding this importance of quotes, we thought of bringing it to you in the form of Happy Valentines Day 2018 Quotes For Girlfriend, Boyfriend, Husband & Wife. These quotes are meant for the occasion of Valentine’s Day when you will be expressing your feelings to your loved one.

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What better than sitting beside your loved one and talking romantic? It is even better if romantic quotes accompany your romantic talk. We are sure that these quotes will bring a smile or make your lover blush. These quotes can further be used during chats or in the email. These can also be written down in a love letter. So start thinking how you would be using these quotes!

Happy Valentine's Day 2018 Quotes For Girlfriend & Boyfriend

Romantic Valentine’s Day Quotes 2018

In this section, We are going to share the awesome collection of Romantic Happy Valentine’s Day 2018 Quotes for Him/Her with Best Wishes for Valentine’s Day 2018.

Valentine's Day 2017 Quotes

  • Boyfriends come and boyfriends go
    Girlfriends come and girlfriends go
    But friends are forever
    Happy Valentine’s Day 2018!
  • “For many years I experienced dreamless and dull nights. But the moment you came,
    into my life, everything seemed just perfect and you changed the colour of my,
    kissing you forever and ever”. Happy Valentines Day 2018!!
  • A special feeling in my heart, You make me feel so good,
    Having a friend like you
    I feel so blessed,
    Touch wood,
    Happy Valentine’s Day 2017!
  • As a friend, you have always watched my back and
    been the pillar of support to lean on.
    You’ve shared my happy and sad times without complaining.
    You are a true friend with benefits!
    Happy Valentine’s Day 2017.
  • “We spend most of our time talking about nothing, but I just want to let you know that,
    all these nothings mean so much more to me than so many somethings”. Happy Valentines Day 2017!!
  • The most beautiful view on earth is the love that
    I share with you; I love you! Happy Valentine’s Day 2017!

8 Quotes For Husband & Wife

Tha Valentine’s Day is also celebrated by couples who got married. On this special day, Husbands gives gifts to their wife and take them to dinner or on the long drive. If you are a wife or husband and finding Valentines Day quotes for husband & wife, then you come to the right place because here we have a Top 10+ collection of this kind of Happy Valentines Day 2018 Quotes and wishes.

Valentines 2017 Quotes For Husband & Wife

  • “Some people say they want a Prince Charming, But I on the other hand,
    Say I don’t. That’s because I have a guy a billion times better than that.
    Love you more on Happy Valentines Day 2017.”
  • “This Valentine’s Day is extra special because I get to celebrate it with the most caring,
    and handsome man that ever walked on Earth! Happy Valentines Day to my one and,
    only”. Happy Valentines Day 2017!!
  • “This fire that we call Loving is too strong for human minds.
    But just right for human souls.” Happy Valentine’s Day 2017 ― Aberjhani
  • “Every day we share together, we’re creating our very own fairytale. Happy ,
    Valentine’s Day to my sweet prince! I look forward to our happily ever after”.Happy Valentines Day 2017!!

Valentine's Day 2017 Quotes For Her

  • Love is not about holding hands and spending time with each other.
    But it is about being there for your loved one,
    even in the cloudiest of all skies, Happy Valentines Day 2017!
  • “Valentines Day puts a lot of pressure on men to find the right gift, to say and do the right
    things. All I need is your hand in mine to be blissfully happy this Valentine Day,
    I love you”.
  • “I am so blissfully happy to have found the perfect man. Just the thought of you makes,
    my heart race and my knees get weak. I’m crazy about you! Happy Valentine Day 2017!”.

Happy Valentines Day 2018: The valentine’s day 2017 is not a love day only for lOVERS[Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Crush]. You may dispatch the best valentines day 2018 quotes to your loved and dear ones. Here on In this section, you will find the most attractive collection of happy valentines day quotes according to the people like valentines day quotes for her, for him, for a mother, father and so on. Single one the best quotes and wishes and send it on the forthcoming valentine’s day 2018 event.

Cute Valentine's Day 2017 Quotes

  • “Mistress, you know yourself,
    down on your knees,
    And thank heaven, fasting,
    for a good man’s love –
    happy valentines day 2017!
  • “When my heart beats, it takes your name,
    but alas! It beats because you are there.” happy valentines day 2017!
  • “Our love is like a romance movie, but the best part is that it never ends.
    Happy Valentine’s day 2017!
  • When my heart beats, it takes your name,
    but alas! It beats because you are there.” happy valentines day 2017!

Valentine’s Day 2018 Slogans & Sayings

In this post, We will share the Top 10+ Happy Valentine’s Day 2017 Slogans & Sayings with Best Wishes for Valentine’s Day 2018.

Valentine's Day 2017 Slogans & Sayings

  • Do you know that I don’t love you
    For you are my friend,
    You are my only friend
    And that is why I love you
    Happy Valentine’s Day 2017!
  • Valentine’s day is a great day to
    let those you love know how special they are.
    I want to let you know that you are a special friend.
    Happy Valentines Day 2017!
  • “Your presence in my life makes me feel special and being wanted”. Happy Valentines Day 2017
  • “I love you, and because I love you, I would sooner have you hate me for telling you,
    the truth than adore me for telling you lies”.Happy Valentines Day 2017!!
  • “I love you more than I have ever found a way to say to you”. Happy Valentines Day 2017.
  • Dear friend, you’ve known me for years and
    we’ve shared intimate moments of our lives together.
    Thanks for being more than just a friend.
    Happy Valentine’s Day 2017!

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