How to Put Quotes in An Essay?

Using Quotes in essays adds more detail and power to your writing. It helps you to express your ideas better and more clearly with concrete evidence to support your argument.  To help your essay stand out, you need to use relevant quotes at the right place. Otherwise, improper usage of quotes may distract your readers. If you want to write an essay like a professional make sure you use right formatting of quotes, citations, and attributions. Though, the formatting may differ depending on whether you are using American Psychological Association style or Modern Language Association style.ote

How to Put Different Types of Quotes in an Essay?

There are two types of quotes that you can use in your essay: Direct Quotes and Indirect Quotes. The implementation of which totally depends on what your essay demands.Here you will get Grammarly discount for Essay Writing.

  1. Direct Quotes: If you are using direct quotation from an author, make sure you always-
  • Enclose the quote within quotation marks.
  • Provide the name of the author, date and page number from where the quotation was taken from within brackets.
  1. Indirect Quotes: If you want to make slight changes to a direct quotation then it becomes an indirect quotation. But, it is important that you don’t change the meaning of the quote while making minor changes to it. Indirect quotes are mostly used by writers when the original quotation is too long. However, if you edit a quote, follow these rules so that you don’t go wrong: 
  • If you are to omit parts of the original quotation, don’t forget to use an ellipsis which consists of three dots (…). Use of an ellipsis indicates to your readers that the quote has been extracted from a larger work. One important thing about ellipsis is that you can never begin or end a quotation with an ellipsis. 
  • In case if, you want to include your words into the direct quotation, make use of square brackets []. 
  • If you want to point out an error in a direct quotation like a wrong date or spelling mistake, don’t correct it. Just write [sic] in square brackets. 
  • If you want to emphasise a certain part of the direct quotation which is relevant to your essay, put the emphasized part in italics. Then, state that the emphasized part in italics is your own. 
  • If the original quotation already consists of italics then, state that it is original.

How Much Should I Quote?

It is true that use of quotation in your work may enhance its meaning but, as they say, that too much of anything is not good. Which means if, you use too many quotes in your essay it may look overcrowded. Don’t use unnecessary quotations because it won’t do you any good. Use quotations that are relevant to your topic.

How to Introduce Short and Long Quotations?

  • When you include short quotations in your essay, add a little introduction before it. Putting a quotation with a brief introduction before it helps you to assert greater control over your custom essay writing. And always use a colon at the end of the introductory sentence to separate the quotation from your short introduction.
  • In the case of using long quotations which are usually longer than 4 lines, set it off as a block quotation along with a brief introduction before it so that it helps you to demonstrate, how it is relevant to your topic and fits your argument. However, the implementation of long quotations along with a short introduction, in the beginning, is not enough. It is often needed to be followed by a thorough analysis.

No matter what quotation you use, always mention the source. It is important to address the author of the original quote in your work. This is mainly because the quotation doesn’t belong to you. Hopefully, this article could provide you with what you were looking for.

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