{Festival}* Holi 2018 Wishes, Messages & SMS in Hindi & English {Dhuleti}*

Happy Holi 2018 Wishes, Messages & SMS in Hindi & English: Hey friends! Good Morning. First of all, Our FestWish Team Wishing you a very Happy Holi 2017 to you and your family. Today We are going to share the Top 100+ Happy Holi 2018 Wishes, Messages & SMS in the Hindi & English language for your best friends, lovers and family members. You can share with them via Whatsapp, Facebook and Hike.

Holi (होली Holī) is a Hindu spring festival in India and Nepal, also known as the festival of colours or the festival of sharing the love. The festival signifies the victory of good over evil, the arrival of spring, end of winter, and for many a festive day to meet others, play and laugh, forget and forgive, and repair broke relationships and is also celebrated as a thanksgiving for a good harvest. Recently We have published the post on, Happy Holi Animated and 3D GIF for Whatsapp and Facebook. You can download it from here. Happy Holi 2018 GIF Image.

Happy Holi 2018 Wishes, Messages & SMS in Hindi & English

Holi 2018 Wishes
Holi 2018 Wishes

Here, We are providing the Best Happy Holi 2018 Wishes, Messages & SMS in the Hindi & English font with Best Wishes for Holi Festival 2017.

Happy Holi 2018 Wishes

  • Wishing you and your family a very bright, colorful and joyful Holi.
    With love and best wishes
  • May god gift u all the colours of life, colors of joy, colors of happiness, colors of friendship, colors of love n all other colors u want to paint in ur life. Happy Holi 2018!
  • Happy Holi 2018 to you and your family. We wish your health, prosperity and business achievements at this prismic colour eve.
  • ‘Bright colours, water balloons, lavish gujiyas and melodious songs’ are the ingredients of perfect Holi. Wish you a very happy and wonderful Holi 2018.
  • Happy Holi 2018!! Enjoy every colour of Holi and u will get every happiness u desire. Hey, God is always with u. Enjoy every moment. Keep smiling.
  • Very Happy and Colourful Holi to U and Ur Family. I wish that this year will bring every moment with happiness.
  • I wish a very Happy Holi to Parminder and her family. Hope we celebrate this colourful festival altogether.
  • Holi Greetings to all my friends and Hindi lovers and learners. Wish you a Happy Holi may your Life fills with colours.
  • Auspicious red.
    Sunkissed gold.
    Soothing silver.
    Pretty purple.
    Blissful blue.
    Forever green.
    I wish u and all family members
    The most colourful! Happy Holi 2018.
  • Sweetheart, you bought colours in my life. Thank you for being always with me. Wishing you a colourful Holi.
  • A loyal and caring relation does not need to speak loud,  a soft but lovely greeting is enough to express the heartiest feelings. Happy Holi 2018 to you !
  • Life is full of colours,
    May be this HOLI festival,
    You even had more colours in your life,
  • Best wishes to you for a Holi filled with sweet moments and memories to cherish for long.
    Happy Holi 2018!
  • Celebrating the colours
    of our beautiful relationship,
    I wish you and your family
    all the bright hues of life.
    Have a colourful Holi 2018!
  • Not from my Head,
    Not from my Mouth,
    Not from my Body,
    Not from my Brain,
    I am wishing you a Happy Holi 2018 from my Heart.
  • Holi aj mnana hai…
    Tumko rang lagana hai…
    Pratikar karo inkar karo..
    Pr rango ko swikar karo..
    Rango se tmhe nahlana hai..
    holi aj manana hai..
    Happy Holi 2018!
  • Jab phagun rang jhamkte hon
    Tab dekh baharein holi ki.
    Jab daf ke shor khadke hon
    Tab dekh baharein holi ki
    Pariyon ke rang damkte hon
    Tab dekh baharein holi ki.
  • Today we are miles apart,
    But I wanna reach across the miles,
    And say that I’m thinking of you in a very special way.
    “HAPPY HOLI 2018”

Happy Holi 2018 Messages & SMS in Hindi & English

  • Pyar ke rang se bharo pichkari,
    sneh ke rang do duniya sari,
    ye rang na jane koi jaat na koi boli,
    aapko mubarak ho aapno ki holi. Happy Holi 2018!
  • May you have the most blessed Holi festival then you ever had.
    May it be full of fun,joy and love.
    May you be as colourful as the festival itself or even more.
    Let’s all have lots of fun. Happy Holi 2018
  • A touch of green i send to u.
    A drop of blue to cool the hue.
    A tinge of red for warmth
    zest for a colourful HOLI!
    Happy & colorful Holi!
  • A true and caring relation doesn’t have to speak loud,
    a soft SMS is just enough to express the heartiest feelings.
    Enjoy the Indian festival of Holi with a lot of fun.
  • May God gift you all the colors of life,
    colors of joy, colors of happiness,
    colors of friendship, colors of love
    and all other colors you
    want to paint in your life. Happy Holi 2018.
  • One day to go…
    Holi aane mein…
    happy bath anniversary
    HAPPY HOLI 2018 to you!
  • चोरो गीले सिक्वे बोलो मीठी बोली
    भर के पिचकारी आये मस्तू के टोली
    मेरे दोस्त मेरे हमजोली
    हैप्पी होली २०१७
  • प्यार की वो हसीं तस्वीर कहा से लौ, तेरी दोस्ती से अछि तक़दीर कहा से लौ हर जन्म में मिले यार तेरे जैसा तू ही बता हाथो में वो लकीर कहा से लॉन
    हैप्पी होली 2018 इन एडवांस!
  • Dil Sapno se HOUSEFUL hai,
    Poore honge wo doubtful hai,
    Is Duniya me har Chiz Wonderful hai,
    Par Zindagi aap jaise logo se HI COLOURFUL hai… Happy Holi 2017!
  • Rang udaye Pichkari rang se rang jaye duniya sari holi ke rang
    aapke jeevan ko rang de ye shubha kaana hai hamari.
    HAPPY HOLI 2018!
  • Dil karta hai, Apke Sang
    Gauan Jhumu Nachu Khelu
    Kudoo Jasn manaoo Lekin
    Pahle Apko Rang to Laga loo
    Happy Holi 2018!
  • Tm bhi Jhume masti mai,
    Hm bhi jhume masti mai,
    Shor hua sari basti mai..
    Jhume sb holi ki Masti man..
    Mubarak ho HOLI 2018 masti Mai !
  • Pyar hai to College Mast Sugar hai to Coffee Mast Love hai to Life Mast Dream hai to Night Mast Aur Water hai to Holi Mast. Happy Holi 2018!

  • fullon ka rang,
    aapke ho sang,
    sabhi ho dang,
    dalo esa rang,
    ho badi umang,
    aapko holi mubarak ho,is pyare message ke sung.., “wish you a very happy holi 2018”.
  • Khushiyan ho overflow,masti kabhi na ho low.
    Dosti ka surur chhaya rahe,jeb me bhari maya rahe.
    Shohrat ki ho bauchhar,aise aaye aapke liye
    HOLI 2017 ki bahar.
  • 7 rango me khel rai hai dilwalo ki toli re, bheege daman bhare khushiyo ki jholi re, aare apne hi rang me rang le mujhko yaad rahegi holi re. Hapy holi 2018!

  • Blue is song,
    Yellow is music,
    Green is dance,
    Red is beauty,
    White is love ,
    And pink is for joy,
    I wish all these colors, May fall on you and your family. “HAPPY HOLI 2018″
  • Shradha sadbhawna masti aur bhaichare ka hai tyohar,
    Rango se jode mohabbat ke taar,
    Har taraf ho rango ki bahar,
    Wish you a “Happy Holi 2018”.
  • Har dam khushiya ho sath,
    Kabhi daman na ho Khali
    Hum sab Ke taraf se,
    Wish you Happy HOLI 2018.
  • Holi par sabhi ko sabhi rango se milkar ek rang, apko mile jo apki khusiyon ko rangin bana de.
    Happy Holi 2018!
  • Colours are brightening up the scene,
    the water sprinkling up high,
    the Holi is almost here.
    so lets enjoy!!
    Happy Holi 2018 to Everyone.
  • Celebrating the colors
    of our beautiful relationship,
    I wish you and your family
    all the bright hues of life.
    Have a colourful holi 2018!
  • Different People
    Different Colour
    One Celebration
    Wishing you a Happy & Colourful HOLI 2018!

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